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We also serve Lancaster, Fort Mill and Indian Land South Carolina | We repair, seal coat and apply striping on new and existing parking lots.

Call us for your commercial asphalt paving project.

parking lot striping sealing 1Seal Coating On Parking Lots

Call Counts Contracting to get best price on a industrial grade asphalt sealcoating if your parking lot is in need of repairs. We use the highest quality sealant possible with the perfect mix of the best additives for the local South Charlotte area climate. We guarantee that you will be more than satisfied with our asphalt seal coating and repair work.

Why is Asphalt Seal Coating Important?

Seal coating your parking lot will slow the damaging oxidation from the sun, prevent water penetration and improve appearance. The cost of asphalt replacement can be very high due to increased oil prices. Routine maintenance of your parking lot can more than double the life of your asphalt. Are you located in Charlotte or Pineville, Matthews, Mint Hill and surrounding areas? Call Counts Contracting to come out and give you a quote on performing sealcoating and crack fill maintenance on the asphalt parking lot at your business.

Preserve and Improve your Investment

repair asphalt 3Counts Contracting offers a warranty on the materials and labor of our work.  We will help you maintain your parking lot over time by coming out as you call us and performing seal coating and crack fill services as your property endures wear and tear and weathering over time. We offer great rates for this type of maintenance work because we know how important it is to keep your commercial property looking great and getting the most for your investment.  Weather can have a big impact on how well your parking lot holds up over time.  A rough winter of hard freezing and thawing can create cracks and problems that can be repaired.  Even in the mild climate around the Charlotte area, weather can take its toll on asphalt paving.

In addition to cold weather, the amount of heavy traffic and types of vehicles that visit  your parking lot can effect the wear and tear of the surface.  Counts Contracting can talk to you about what you can do to help keep your parking lot in good shape.  It is important for your commercial parking lot to look welcoming, new and well maintained.