Asphalt seal coating and striping are our specialty at Counts Concrete. Call us if you have a new project or if your existing asphalt parking lot needs repairs and maintenance.

striping 2Parking Lot Striping

Parking lot striping is  essential to your project’s safety and aesthetic appearance.At Counts Contracting we are your parking lot striping experts. We have experience with many small and medium sized commercial parking lot projects all over South Charlotte in Ballantyne, Pineville, Matthews and Mint Hill. Request a free estimate today for your next project, or view our portfolio to see examples of our professional asphalt striping and seal coating projects.

Pavement Striping Application

Whether your project is new construction or maintenance of existing, we’re ready to put the finishing touch on your surface. Our services include parking stall stripes, directional arrows, stenciled instructions, handicap symbols, fire curbing, loading zones, crosswalks, stop bars, and any customized pavement markings tailored to your business.We start by making sure your surface is free from moisture and debris. We then mark or outline the area requiring paint. Next, we apply the paint using airless striping equipment that provides crisp, clean edges while reducing waste and pollution from overspray. We pay particular attention to both the thickness of the paint and the width of the marking so that precise and uniform lines result.

seal stripe 2Benefits of Asphalt Striping

  • Maximize Parking: Our parking lot striping services allow you to take full advantage of your parking area by maximizing the number of available spaces.
  • Improve Traffic Flow: With the right design, we’ll help ensure a safer and smoother traffic flow throughout your property.
  • Increase Visibility: Fresh lines and pavement markings will help drivers and pedestrians see where they are going – even during times of low visibility, making your property safe.
  • ADA Compliance: Our knowledge of accessible design ensures your pavement markings are ADA compliant, thus limiting your liability while providing proper access for everyone.

At Counts Contracting, we offer both new paving services and maintenance services to small and medium sized businesses that need repairs or maintenance on their existing asphalt parking lots. When your parking lot is well-marked, it helps your customers to know exactly where to stop, walk, and park, creating a friendly, convenient and welcoming experience for your guests.The Counts Contracting team can offer you our striping and restriping services for:

  • Commercial Parking lots
  • Small Parking decks
  • Warehouses
  • New construction

A professional representative from Counts Contracting is available to answer any of your questions or provide you with further information. We are happy to offer free estimates for parking lot striping, seal coating and maintenance services. To learn more about what we can do for your business, get in touch with us by calling or completing the form on our contact page.