Get rid of that gravel driveway! Concrete driveways add value to your property. Counts Contracting offers the service of pouring concrete driveways, from small investment houses to million dollar homes. We aim to please and no job is too fancy or too small.  If you have a home in the South Charlotte or Union County area, give us a call. We’ll come out and estimate your concrete driveway project.

concrete-driveway-matthews-ncWhat Is Concrete?

Surfaces of poured concrete are often referred to as “cement,” but that’s a bit misleading. Cement is one of the ingredients in the composite material known as concrete. The other common ingredients are aggregate (crushed rocks) and sand. Add some water and you create concrete.

Maintaining Your Concrete Driveway

Many people look at concrete driveways as being virtually maintenance free, but to best ensure long life, it does pay to keep the driveway clean and sealed. Concrete can actually last longer than asphalt. The surface of any hard driveway including concrete driveways can become damaged and stained by leaves lying on the surface over a period of time. Keep your concrete driveway clean and cleared of debris using a leaf blower and make sure it is properly sealed, and it will last a long time. Keep in mind that concrete driveways can also suffer damage if you use the wrong de-icing products over them. Don’t apply anything that can erode the surface of your concrete driveway over time. Ask the professionals at Counts Contracting and we’ll advise you on what products to use to clean, control ice and also which products to avoid spilling or applying to your driveway surface. If the driveway surface is properly prepared by using a reliable and knowledgeable contractor like Counts Contracting, you’ll be less likely to see uneven places, cracks, and structural problems over time.

concrete-driveway-South-CharlotteConcrete Driveways – Decisions… Decisions…

Concrete is an excellent choice for a driveway surface.  As stated in the above paragraph, concrete driveways need solid foundations prepared by experts. At Counts Contracting we believe that your driveway is only as good as the preparation and quality of the ground on which it is built. Choosing the driveway surface that’s best for your property depends on where you live, how much money you’re willing to spend and other personal preferences.  Call us and we’ll evaluate your project and go over these points of decision with you. We’ll take time to help you make the right decision whether you want to have a concrete driveway or an asphalt one.

Live in South Charlotte, Matthews, Pineville, Ballantyne or anywhere in Union County NC and are you considering a concrete driveway on your property? Do you have an existing concrete driveway that you need to have removed and rebuilt, or sections of it repaired? We’ll come out and estimate your job quickly.