sidewalk concrete repairDoes your concrete driveway appear to be cracked and uneven due to weathering or an incorrect preparation of the site when the job was originally done?  At Counts Contracting, we we replace cracked and damaged concrete to ensure that your damaged, cracked, or weathered concrete is installed correctly and lasts a long time.  We do large concrete removal and replacement jobs – entire driveways or parking lots – or small sections of concrete removal and replacement.  We will come out and assess your damaged concrete and determine how much of the concrete needs to be replaced. For nearly twenty years, people in Waxhaw, Weddington, South Charlotte and South Carolina have trusted Counts Contracting to honestly evaluate their projects and quote fair pricing for paving of all kinds, concrete removal and replacement of damaged surfaces.

The Concrete Removal and Replacement Process:

  • We saw-cut as necessary to insure a neat patch and to contain the new concrete;
  • Compact the exposed base to ensure a solid foundation and form up as necessary;
  • Add re-bars and expanders as specified in the job work-scope; and,
  • Trowel and finish as required.

If you need a company to repair cracked concrete, call Counts Contracting and have us quote you a price on removing the damaged concrete and replacing it with our guaranteed process concrete material.