Counts Contracting of Waxhaw does both asphalt and concrete driveway paving for customers in Union County NC, extending to South Charlotte and also South Carolina. We’ll come out and discuss the comparison between concrete driveway paving and asphalt paving so you’ll know which one is right for you.  Trust us to do your driveway paving project, and we’ll stand by the materials and workmanship with a warranty from our company.

asphaltdriveConsidering paving project at your home? Call us for a NO PRESSURE consultation. We’ll answer any questions you have and talk about the right driveway paving solution for you. We also specialize in all kinds of walkways and patios.  We are your point person for a variety of light bobcat grading, land clearing and site prep work, and we offer several types of driveway paving solutions.  You’ll know we’re the experts when you meet us.  We offer fair pricing and the highest level of quality and efficiency around Waxhaw and surrounding areas.  We’ll be glad to come out and take a look at your project and discuss the details with you.

  • Visual Appeal. A paved driveway just looks better. Your home will seem welcoming and have that high-end and tidy look if you have a paved driveway.
  • Easy To Maintain. Your paved driveway will be easy to maintain over the years. While a paved driveway is not completely maintenance free, if you do the minimal requirements of keeping your driveway repaired and maintained, you’ll have a beautiful driveway that is resistant to many types of wear and tear, and remains great looking for years.
  • Value.  Yes, driveway paving can be pricey, but the value it adds to your property is a real perk.  Your home value will instantly go up exponentially if your decided to do pave your drive.  There is a lot of value in just having a driveway that stays clean and keeps your vehicles clean, protecting them from mud and dust, wear and tear.
  • Safety. A paved road is actually safer to travel on than a gravel road, which can have hazardous loose gravel on the sides and pose a problem for cars.  If your driveway is paved, it will offer a smoother safer ride than a gravel or dirt drive.  Furthermore you won’t have to deal with the dust and debris that unpaved roads have.