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At Counts Contracting we’re here to answer all of your questions before you build your concrete driveway or pave  your driveway, small parking lot or outdoor surface with asphalt.  We provide both concrete and asphalt products with finishing and striping and patch fill for asphalt.  If you have a concrete driveway that you need to have rebuilt, we will can do the job for you.  We’ll come out and give you a free quote, no pressure.  Check out our frequently asked questions and you might find out what you wanted to know about concrete construction and asphalt paving.  We look forward to meeting you in person to answer any other questions.

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Do you repair cracked concrete?2018-05-07T16:44:40-04:00

sidewalk concrete repairAt Counts Contracting, we do not repair, but we REPLACE cracked and damaged concrete to ensure that your damaged, cracked, or weathered concrete is installed correctly and lasts a long time.

The Concrete Replacement Process:

  • We saw-cut as necessary to insure a neat patch and to contain the new concrete;
  • Compact the exposed base to ensure a solid foundation and form up as necessary;
  • Add re-bars and expanders as specified in the job work-scope; and,
  • Trowel and finish as required.

If you need a company to repair cracked concrete, call Counts Contracting and have us quote you a price on removing the damaged concrete and replacing it with our guaranteed process concrete material.

What is Asphalt Striping?2018-05-07T16:45:03-04:00

seal stripe 2Asphalt Striping can be described as ‘Parking Lot Painting’. More commonly referred to as line striping, striping is an unappreciated aspect of parking lot design. Maximizing space and getting the flow of traffic that works for your business space is a very important first impression.

How many times have you been in a poorly designed parking lot? Doesn’t it keep you from wanting to return just because the parking is difficult? It all starts with intelligent asphalt parking lot striping.

Do you serve S. Charlotte and Ballantyne?2015-07-06T03:09:31-04:00

Our service areas are:  Monroe, Waxhaw, Weddington, Mineral Springs, Wesley Chapel, Marvin, Mint Hill, Indian Trail, Ballantyne area and South Charlotte NC + Indian Land, Fort Mill, Van Wyck, and Lancaster SC.  If you live in Charlotte or South of Charlotte all the way up highway 521 into Lancaster, we’re here to serve you with concrete driveway, asphalt driveway or parking lot paving.  We serve all of Union County NC from Marshville to Marvin in Western Union County.  Counts Contracting is based in Waxhaw, North Carolina.

What is seal coating?2015-07-07T00:10:33-04:00

Seal coating is a process that assures the longevity of your asphalt paving project. Once applied, the sealcoat serves as a protective barrier, preventing moisture from penetrating the asphalt and causing the cracking and deterioration which can ultimately lead to a crumbling asphalt surface and pot holes. The sealcoat also improves the overall resilience and durability of the asphalt, in addition to creating a clean, fresh, uniform surface that improves the aesthetics of the roadway, driveway, parking lot or walkway.

The lifespan of asphalt sealcoating can vary dramatically according to the environment, traffic volume and other factors. Counts Contracting will evaluate your project and determine what you need for proper sealcoating, was well as  assist you with patching pot holes and re-paving areas that require a new layer of asphalt.

Counts Contracting is Pineville, Charlotte and Mint Hill’s trusted asphalt sealcoating contractor.  We also serve all of Union County including Waxhaw, Weddington and Marvin, NC.  Counts Contracting uses only the finest sealcoating products.

If you need help with an asphalt sealcoating project or another paving project, turn to Charlotte’s professionals at Counts Contracting. We invite you to contact us today to discuss your sealcoating project, no pressure.

What is asphalt paving material made of?2016-10-26T03:36:56-04:00

(Information and video originally posted on www.pavegreen.org)

Asphalt, the material used in asphalt paving, is a sustainable road building material. It’s smooth, so vehicles consume less fuel and produce lower emissions; it’s quiet, so expensive noise walls don’t need to be constructed; it’s safe, providing excellent gripping power; and it’s durable, so that the road never needs to be removed and replaced. It is also the most recycled material in the U.S.

Oh — your question really was “What is asphalt made of?” Well, then! Asphalt is made from stones, sand, and gravel, held together by asphalt cement. View the video below to see what happens at an asphalt plant.

How can I help extend the life of my asphalt paving?2018-05-07T16:46:04-04:00

Extending the Lifespan of Your Asphalt Paving Job

Ask Counts Contracting how we can help you save money and make your asphalt paving job last a lifetime. A first-rate contractor knows how to install asphalt paving correctly and he uses only the best materials as well. This will already ensure that your asphalt paving job installed by Counts Contracting will at least 15 to 20 years.

After installation, it is imperative that you preserve the look and condition of your asphalt surface regularly. Frequent inspections, application of a quality sealcoat, and taking care of minor damages by repairing them before the situation gets worse are crucial too. Ask us about the maintenance and repair work we can do for you over the years on your asphalt paving project. We’re available for ongoing maintenance services.  Trust us to come back and do routine asphalt repairs over the years. We like to check in and see how our work is holding up. We protect our reputation in the Waxhaw, Marvin and Weddington communities by being available to inspect, re-inspect and perform any type of service and repair work for our existing asphalt paving customers.

Inspections by your contractor, a quality sealcoating job, and having any weather-damaged areas promptly repaired by Counts Contracting before they get worse are the measures you should take to ensure that the lifespan of your asphalt pavement is extended by another five to 10 years. This will save you money in the end.

Check out our customer reviews and you’ll see that taking these measures have helped our customers over the years.

Do you build concrete driveways and patios?2018-05-07T16:46:22-04:00

driveay paved 4At Counts Contracting, we not only build concrete driveways and patios, we offer the option of asphalt paving, tar and gravel driveway paving, as well as all kinds of asphalt repair and finishing processes. If you’re looking into having a concrete driveway or patio at your residence, you probably understand the advantages and the difference between concrete and asphalt paving. Concrete offers a long lasting and durable surface that stays looking great for a long time.  When you’re getting quotes from concrete contractors, make sure they are reputable and experienced. At Counts Contracting, we remove and replace old concrete jobs all the time – jobs that were incorrectly installed or poured with materials that were below today’s standards.  We do not repair old cracked or improperly installed concrete jobs. Instead we prefer to replace old concrete driveways and patios with new concrete so that we can place our warrantee on the job and assure you that we have done the best job possible with the best materials and construction methods.  Call us if you are interested in getting a quote for having your concrete drive built.  We’ll schedule a no-pressure consultation. Keep in mind that our services expand beyond just paving concrete driveways and patios.

We also offer:

  • Seal Coating: Helps prevent asphalt from being damaged, creates a smoother finish & good for protecting your investment
  • Crack Filling: Fills in all of the cracks in your driveway or parking lot & is usually followed by two coats of Sealer for a smooth surface
  • Curb & Gutter: Concrete curb & gutter
  • Sidewalk: Concrete sidewalks
  • Concrete Driveways
  • Concrete Patios
  • Concrete Removal & Replacement
  • Asphalt Driveways
  • Tar & Gravel Driveways: Decorative as well as regular stone
  • Parking Lots: We pave parking lots and resurface, seal coat, & striping
  • Parking Lot Maintenance: Patching, overlay & seal coating
  • Grading: Grading your patio, driveway, or parking lot for stone base & asphalt
  • Re-Surfacing: Re-surfacing driveways & parking lots
  • Striping: For small business parking lot
Do you have customer reviews on your driveway paving work?2018-05-07T16:46:46-04:00

home advisor logoYes! Are you looking for reviews from our happy driveway paving customers? We have some great reviews that homeowners have gladly submitted to HomeAdvisor.com, a website where customers can review companies like ours after a job is completed. You can also access the link to these reviews from a link on our website’s home page.  Please read over our customer reviews. We are so pleased that the driveway paving projects we’ve completed over the last decade turned out great enough to make our customers take the time to write a review.  If we have recently completed a project for you, we would appreciate your going to HomeAdvisor.com and submitting a review about the level of work and professionalism we exhibited on your job.  We are always aware that we are respectfully visiting your HOME and private property while doing your driveway paving job, and we maintain a level of professionalism and efficiency that is superior so that you are inconvenienced as little as possible, and happy with the results when we leave the job.  Furthermore, we rely on referrals from satisfied customers. We want to be known as the driveway paving go-to team in Union County NC and South Charlotte.

How long have you been in the paving business?2016-10-26T03:36:56-04:00

Counts Contracting has been in the asphalt and concrete paving business since the early 90s.  We currently serve Charlotte, Waxhaw, Western Union County and part of South Carolina as an experienced and established paving contractor.  We are a popular choice around Waxhaw and Weddington for paving driveways and patios.  We built our reputation around building residential driveways, but we also do a lot of work for small businesses – parking lot paving, sealing and striping. Call the experienced team at Counts Contracting and know that we are an established and trustworthy paving business in Union County, NC.

Is concrete paving more ‘green’ than asphalt paving?2018-05-07T16:47:17-04:00

cement 1Concrete is produced from abundant natural resources, reduces toxic run-off and can be easily recycled. It is also cooler in the summer which provides outdoor comfort while reducing the heat island effect. The reflectivity also reduces lighting energy need. On the road, concrete even improves fuel economy.  Due to this, concrete is the more ‘green’ method of paving a driveway or parking lot than asphalt.  While asphalt can be a less expensive surface treatment, there are many benefits to using concrete as a paving material.  At Counts contracting, we can help you recycle concrete that needs to be removed from your residential or business property. We can clean, prepare and repave surfaces that require new concrete paving. It can be a better practice and more economical in the long run to remove and repave concrete than to try to patch terribly cracked, broken, uneven or poorly installed concrete surfaces. Since concrete is recyclable and comprised of materials that are easy to get and replace, we typically recommend that a badly cracked or broken concrete area be completely removed and replaced.

How long does a concrete driveway last?2015-06-30T21:38:49-04:00

Typically, concrete lasts up to 30 years, while asphalt lasts up to 20 years. Climate and upkeep are variables that effect the lifespan of a concrete driveway. Counts Contracting can remove and reinstall a concrete driveway or build a concrete driveway for your residence or small business.  Concrete driveways can cost more than asphalt driveways but they do last longer and there are many design options available. The cost varies depending on the design and finishing of the concrete surface.  Call Counts Contracting if you want us to come out and look at your project, give you an estimate, and show you the options before you have your concrete driveway installed.

Is a concrete driveway more expensive than asphalt?2015-06-24T00:58:24-04:00

Without evaluating maintenance costs over time, asphalt is generally cheaper to install than a concrete driveway. Fluctuations in crude oil prices can cause fluctuations in asphalt prices but the price can be as much as half the cost of concrete. If you opt for a concrete driveway you will pay more yet there are more finishes and details available which also cost more money. It’s not unheard of to have a stained concrete driveway with a smooth finish cost over $10.00 per square foot.  When comparing a concrete driveway vs. an asphalt driveway there are many other things to consider besides the cost.  Consider longterm maintenance of the surface, your local climate, the aesthetic look you want to have, and what your HOA will allow if that is applicable.

Do you do concrete driveway repair work?2016-10-26T03:36:56-04:00

At Counts Contractors, we specialize in concrete replacement and pouring concrete. We can build your new concrete driveway, parking lot or walkway. We do not do crack repair or refurbishing of existing concrete simply because it is difficult to stabilize and warranty concrete repair work on a job done by a former contractor. We can, however, demolish an existing concrete slab or patio and create a new one for you.

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