A concrete driveway is usually extremely durable and it will last a long time. Little to no maintenance is usually required for a typical concrete driveway. That is often why some eyebrows are raised when people refer to the maintenance of concrete. Before any concrete driveway or sidewalk is exposed to any type of traffic, it should be sealed with a quality concrete sealer.  You can rely on Counts Contracting to understand how to prepare your site, properly install and finish your concrete driveway.

With regular maintenance, your plain concrete driveway or sidewalk could look extra bright and clean, compared to being grimy and oil stained. Concrete maintenance protects your own investment as well.

Important steps for maintaining your concrete sidewalk and driveway

1. Clean it regularly enough

At least once every year, you should clean your driveway by removing normal grime and dirt, as well as rust and any other stains. There are a variety of products that can be used to clean concrete, but ensure that you use only products that will not harm your concrete.

2. Repair concrete driveway cracks and make sure the concrete driveway joints are sealed properly

If you ensure that any cracks that form in concrete are repaired as soon as possible, you will be able to maintain a structurally sound concrete surface that will minimize the intrusion of water, which often cause major problems with the sub grade.

4. Seal all concrete surfaces

You will reduce the infiltration of moisture into your concrete driveway and sidewalk if you seal the surface with a quality and approved sealant. Sealing the concrete surface will, in addition, reduce unsightly stains from appearing.

Contact Counts Contracting if you have more questions about maintaining your concrete driveway. While we are not in the business of small concrete repairs, we will come out and remove old concrete and replace your concrete driveway if it is in bad shape or was not properly designed to begin with.


Feel like a concrete driveway is not your best option due to budget constraints?

If your budget is a major factor in your decision, asphalt is cheaper to make and install. While typically we tend to equate less expensive being of lesser quality – this is not the case with asphalt. Installing a asphalt driveway or parking lot leaves a smooth surface that is easy to maintain. As a result, it’s a popular choice for homeowners who have lots of kids (and adults) playing basketball in the driveway, riding up and down it via roller blades, or riding bicycles on it.  Since asphalt expands with the changing temperatures, it will maintain its integrity through the summer storms and can handle cold and icy winters. So what’s the main reason many homeowners don’t choose this option? A typical black asphalt driveway just doesn’t look as high-end and aesthetically-appealing like a concrete installation does. Amazingly, however, asphalt is available in many different patterned designs and decorative colors – so the typical black asphalt is just one of many choices!

concrete-driveway-mint-hillConcrete pavement, a very durable always great looking paving material for driveways, is more expensive to mix and install – but there’s a reason for that. It’s even more lasting and durable than asphalt over an extended period of time. So if you are planning on enjoying and staying in your home for many years, it’s worth the investment. If you just bought the property as an investment to fix it up and then put it right back on the market, you may want to go with asphalt. Another “pro” to choosing to install a concrete driveway is that in its basic form, this construction material has more curb appeal right from the start (without having to order any special color or design). Nonetheless, (and just like asphalt), you have many stock and custom patterns and colors from which to choose. Undoubtedly one of the best overall “pros” to selecting concrete is that it is better for our environment! The installation process of concrete alone is less obtrusive and assaulting to the environment (and our senses) than asphalt!

When deciding which is better for your driveway or parking lot – asphalt or concrete – you’ll want to consider how (often) the area being paved is going to be used, all the different ways you will use the paved area, your budget, and how much an aesthetic appeal matters to you.

Call Counts Contracting for more questions about the pros and cons of having a concrete driveway and comparison of concrete driveway vs. asphalt (blacktop) drive.

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