Paving your driveway, installing a concrete patio and/or paving your business’s parking lot can be expensive and it can be an involved process, especially if you have an existing concrete or asphalt drive in need of repair and, in the case of concrete, complete replacement.  Before you get started on your project, consider asking a Waxhaw paving contractor the following questions, to make sure you’re choosing the right company to do the job.  The professionals at Counts Contracting will be glad to sit down with you, no pressure, and go over any of these questions you might have about your paving project.  An experienced paving contractor will be able to promptly respond to the following questions:

The Five Most Important Questions to Ask Your Waxhaw Paving Contractor:

1) Is your Waxhaw paving contractor familiar with the local climate, codes and conditions?  Seems like a crazy question to ask, but lots of new folks are moving into the area and starting local businesses.  We’ve been around this area for more than a decade and Counts Contracting is extremely familiar with the local weather, soils, natural conditions, temperatures and also local standards and codes that effect the jobs around here so much. Asphalt and concrete paving is so effected by local weather, temperatures and those types of conditions that it is very important to have a local Waxhaw paving contractor who has actually been in the area for a long time and understands the conditions here.

2) Are you working with a Waxhaw paving contractor that is licensed and insured?  A qualified contractor such as Counts Contracting maintains business and contracting licenses and insurance to legitimize and conduct business in the most professional way possible. Sometimes it seems awkward to ask a local contractor if they carry these credentials, but some companies are actually working without the necessary licensing and insurance coverage they need to qualify for the job.

3) Can you get references and view written testimonials about the quality of work your Waxhaw paving contractor has done in the past?  At Counts Contracting, we’re more than willing to put you in touch with some of the folks we’ve worked for, confident that they will recommend us to do your paving job.  We have a link to the Home Advisor website on our site’s home page, showing testimonials from satisfied customers.  If your contractor cannot provide a sufficient amount of customer reviews + actual references who are willing to endorse their paving business, you should consider another local paving company for the job.

4) How long has the paving company you’re considering for your job been in business? Counts Contracting is an established and knowledgeable Waxhaw paving contractor with experience working on big residential projects around Weddington and Marvin, NC as well as Wesley Chapel, Indian Trail, Monroe and into South Charlotte. We also work in South Carolina around Lancaster, Indian Land and Fort Mill.  We’ve been serving the Waxhaw / Charlotte area since 1992.

5) Does the paving company you’re considering offer a warranty on materials and labor? This is important because some contractors might have inferior materials and the process of building your driveway or parking lot could have been incorrect or low quality.  If your paving contractor offers a warranty on their labor and paving materials, that is a guarantee that they would not be purposely shortchanging you on any materials or work standards – they’re standing by their work.  Ask us about the warranty Counts Contracting offers our customers.