sidewalk concrete repairEver thought about doing your own concrete removal? It can be a do-it-yourself project but it is a daunting task that involves lots of muscle and hard work if you are not an actual concrete paving contractor.  If you’re looking for a South Charlotte concrete paving company to do the breakup, removal and replacement of your concrete driveway, call Counts Contracting! We serve all of Union County, NC, parts of South Carolina and the entire South Charlotte area including Mint Hill, Matthews, Ballantyne, and Pineville.

Here are some of the concrete demolition services we can efficiently handle for you:

• Teardown cracked concrete south charlotte concrete pavingand removal

• Demolition of existing concrete driveway

• Damaged structure

• Breakup and removal

• Residential concrete removal

• Commercial services

  • Parking lot concrete removal and repaving
  • Concrete and Asphalt paving in small – medium parking lots
  • Seal Coating & Striping

• Repaving with concrete or asphalt

In most cases, it is better to remove damaged concrete altogether and repave the concrete driveway rather than try to repair concrete that can be described as damaged in the following ways:  sunken, deeply cracked and settled, or damaged by frost heave, where freezing has caused the concrete to push forward after the ground freezes. Counts Contracting follows these steps when removing and replacing concrete paving:

  • Remove the concrete
  • Remove the sub grade
  • Replace sub grade with compactable material (sometimes existing material is ok)
  • Compact the sub grade
  • Pour back concrete

We recommend that you call us to do all phases of your south Charlotte concrete paving job from removal of the damaged concrete to replacement of your concrete driveway or sections of the paved area. We have the right tools and equipment to efficiently and cost effectively do the concrete replacement, and get the grade and sub grade right. Making sure the materials and site preparation are right are key to longevity and value retention for your concrete paving project.

So if you live in Mint Hill, Ballantyne, Pineville or Matthews, and are looking for a reliable and licensed south Charlotte concrete paving company, call Counts Contracting today!